Direct Effect of Hepatitis B Infection on Insulin Resistance

Moafak Ali Kamal, Alaa Fadhel Ibrahem Cabhs, Hasan Salh Abbas Al-Naqeeb

Vol. 11, Jan-Jun 2021


The aim of this research is to find out the targeted effect between insulin resistance and viral hepatitis B (CVHB) Insulin resistance - a blood sugar disorder that precedes diabetes mellitus - is a hallmark of chronic hepatitis C infection, regardless of the severity of the virus or other "metabolic" factors. Method: 100 samples were collected and a medical examination was performed on the patients. The second step is described as aiming to find out the factors in relation to the metabolism and liver B antigen. As for the determinants that were used in order to know insulin sensitivity, the determinants were HOMA, QUICKI and Mffm. Conclusion: Our test exhibits that CVHB is related with IR. CVHB may should be observed for event of IR and diabetes mellitus


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