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Copyright Terms

What is copyright?

Copyright is a form of intellectual property that safeguards original creative work, such as scholarly publications. Copyright allows the creator of a work to decide whether or not their work can be used, published, or distributed by others, and under what circumstances. As a result, it establishes guidelines for how others may use, publish, and distribute articles. Understanding your copyright options as an author is becoming increasingly crucial, especially as open access publishing grows in popularity.

What is the duration of copyright?

A work's copyright does not last indefinitely. The actual length of copyright varies by country and depends on the sort of work. However, the duration of a literary work, such as an academic essay, is normally the author's life plus 70 years.

Copyright at IJRMST

We need publishing rights for an article in order to publish it and making it accessible. As a result, we need writers who publish in one of our journals to sign an author contract granting us the necessary publishing rights. This will happen when your manuscript has gone through peer review, been accepted, and is ready to go into production. After that, our Production team will send you an email with all of the pertinent information.

Standard articles in journals

For authors who want to publish an article in a journal, there are two major choices. This is a copyright assignment or an exclusive publishing licence.

Assignment of copyright

You transfer – or "assign" – copyright to us as the journal's owner and publisher in our standard author contract (or, in the case of a society-owned journal, to that learned society). We can:

After you've assigned copyright, you'll still have the right to:

Exclusive License to Publish

In some cases, rather than transferring copyright, you may provide us (or the learned society) an exclusive permission to publish your material. You, as the creator, maintain copyright in your work, but grant us exclusive rights to publish and spread it under this agreement. Reuse requests, like assignments, are handled by the publisher on your behalf. The publisher will maintain your article's intellectual property rights and represent you in copyright disputes.

Attribution (CC BY)

Creative Commons License

Others can commercially distribute, remix, change, and expand upon your work as long as they give you credit for the original production.

For additional information about licences, please visit the Creative Commons website.