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Research Article

Vol. 17, Jan-Jun 2024  Page no: 001-005

Leveraging Larkai’s Technology for Remote Patient Monitoring

Pritam Dhalla, Anubha Agrawal

Primarily in the treatment of chronic illnesses, the rapidly developing discipline of remote patient monitoring (RPM) has the potential to completely transform the way healthcare i...

Research Article

Vol. 17, Jan-Jun 2024  Page no: 006-010

Prevalence of Hypothyroidism in Mothers Attending Antenatal Care in Provincial Hospital at Janakpur

Ruby Singh, Barsika Katwal, BrijMohan Kumar Rajak, Raj Kishore Pandit

Introduction: Numerous physiological changes associated with pregnancy can result in hypothyroidism. Due to increased renal loss and increased iodine transfer to the growing foetus...

Research Article

Vol. 17, Jan-Jun 2024  Page no: 011-020

The Novel Simple Path for Preparation of Fe3O4, ZnO, NiO and Co3O4 Nano-Crystallites Using Curcumin Transition Metal Complexes as Single-Source Precur...

Ajay. V. Gole, Siddhi A. Valia, Sheela D. Kamat, Dileep V.Kamat

The Use of single-molecule precursors (also known as single-source precursors =SSP) for preparation of nano-crystallites is very interesting as it contains desired element in same ...

Research Article

Vol. 17, Jan-Jun 2024  Page no: 021-023

A Rare Variation of Right Thyroid Lobe Hemiagenesis: A Case Report

Dr. Wader Smitaraje Devendra

The large, unpaired gland endocrine gland in the body is thyroid gland. [1] Different developmental abnormalities can cause distortions in the thyroid gland's shape. An uncommon de...

Research Article

Vol. 17, Jan-Jun 2024  Page no: 024-028

Role of Matra Basti and Akshitarpan in the Management of Sjogren’s Syndrome W.S.R Vatadhikya Vatarakta: A Case Study

Dr. Raja Singla, Dr. Harish Yadav, Dr. Anjali Kamboj

Sjögren’s syndrome, characterized by lymphocytic infiltration of salivary and lacrimal glands leading to glandular fibrosis and exocrine failure with Clinical manifestations of ...