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Vol. 11, Jan-Jun 2021  Page no: 001-008

A Comparative Study of Serum Albumin and Body Mass Index Among Patients of Chronic Kidney Disease Undergoing Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis at S...

Avneesh Sharma, Chitra Upadhyay, Sangeeta Meena

Chronic kidney disease is defined as either kidney damage or GFR < 60ml/min/1.73 m2 Body surface area for ≥ 3 months with or without evidence of kidney damage, irrespective of th...

Research Article

Vol. 11, Jan-Jun 2021  Page no: 09-20

Direct Effect of Hepatitis B Infection on Insulin Resistance

Moafak Ali Kamal, Alaa Fadhel Ibrahem Cabhs, Hasan Salh Abbas Al-Naqeeb

The aim of this research is to find out the targeted effect between insulin resistance and viral hepatitis B (CVHB) Insulin resistance - a blood sugar disorder that precedes diabet...

Research Article

Vol. 11, Jan-Jun 2021  Page no: 21-31

Endometriosis Pathology Outline

Baidaa Abdulkareem Alwan

Endometriosis is the presence of tissue estrogen-dependent endometrial outside the uterine cavity. The two main symptoms are pain and infertility. It is a common disease, but the w...

Research Article

Vol. 11, Jan-Jun 2021  Page no: 32-44

Effect of Life Stress on Incidence of Fatty Liver Disease

Dr. Saleh Salman Omairi, Prof. Hussein Adnan Mohammed

We hear about fatty liver more and more often: at least one European adult in five suffers from it and pediatric cases are also on the rise, a consequence of childhood obesity of e...

Research Article

Vol. 11, Jan-Jun 2021  Page no: 45-54

An In-Depth Analysis of The Data Mining Algorithms and Their Effective Applicability in Health and Biomedical Informatics

Deeya Tangri

Nowadays, the Health care industry is one of the fastest-growing industries. As we already know, health care has researched very widely, introducing many medical data that is not e...

Research Article

Vol. 11, Jan-Jun 2021  Page no: 55-59


Dr Raja Singla, Dr Harish Kumar

Sjögren's syndrome is a chronic, slowly progressing autoimmune disorder characterised by lymphocytic infiltration of exocrine glands resulting in xerostomia and dry eyes (conjunct...