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Research Article

Vol. 16, Jul-Dec 2023  Page no: 001-010

Impact of Selected Lifestyle Factors on Semen Quality in Iraqi Men

Izdihar Nsaif Ali

Millions of people in their reproductive years are affected by infertility around the globe, which has consequences for their families and communities. Presently, various factors r...

Research Article

Vol. 16, Jul-Dec 2023  Page no: 011-017

Schiff Bases having A Triazole Ring Bearing a Pyridyl Moiety are Synthesised, and their Biological Activities are Studied

Zamzam Mohamad, Dawood S. Abid

The most frequently used organic compounds are Schiff bases. They have been demonstrated to have a broad variety of biological activities. Using a thermal method, the synthesis of ...

Research Article

Vol. 16, Jul-Dec 2023  Page no: 018-031

Impact Factor Migraine on Biomarkers and ABO Blood Distribution in Karbala

Haithem Rauf Mohammed

The great majority of headaches are harmless events characterized by discomfort in any region of the head. Pain can manifest unilaterally or bilaterally. Pain might be subtle and t...

Research Article

Vol. 16, Jul-Dec 2023  Page no: 032-038

Detection of Toxoplasma Gondii DNA in Uterine and Malignant Prostate Tissues of Cancer Patients

Rana Essam Saeed, Alaa Abd al-Hussein Majali

The current study aimed to find the Toxoplasma gondii parasite in uterine and prostate tissue models infected with cancer, which were collected from the cities of Kut and Nasiriyah...

Research Article

Vol. 16, Jul-Dec 2023  Page no: 039-049

Pathogenicity Characteristics of Proteus Mirabilis in Patients with UTI

Noor Abd Al-Ameer Mazyed, Ahmed Khassaf Al Atya

A total. of two hundred., and fifty urine samples are gathered from hospitals of Thi-Qar governorate over a six-month period, these samples were collected from Al- Nasiriyah teachi...

Research Article

Vol. 16, Jul-Dec 2023  Page no: 050-053

Clinical Indications of Rasnadi Guggulu – An Experiential and Scientific View

Dr. Prof. Shripathi Acharya, Dr. Rajeshwari S. Acharya

Guggulu formulations are commonly used in painful joint diseases by Ayurveda physicians. Guggulus like Trayodashanga guggulu, Shadanga guggulu, Amritadi guggulu, Medohara guggulu, ...

Research Article

Vol. 16, Jul-Dec 2023  Page no: 054-060

Noise Pollution in Hospitals: The Causes and Methods of Treatment

Dr. Safaa Mustafa Hameed

Noise pollution in hospitals is a prevalent and concerning issue that can significantly impact patient well-being and healthcare outcomes. Hospitals, intended to be places of heali...

Research Article

Vol. 16, Jul-Dec 2023  Page no: 061-068

Hindrances to COVID-19 Vaccination Among the yet Unvaccinated of Clinical Medical Students

Chinedu A. Idoko, James Akpeh, Obiora Onowu, Favour N. Emmanuel, Marvel U. Emeka-Ugwu, Sha...

Being a major cause of morbidity and mortality in the world today, people need to be protected to prevent increase in spread of infection. Most people are shy of taking this protec...

Research Article

Vol. 16, Jul-Dec 2023  Page no: 069-074

Quarterly Integrated Supportive Supervision (QISS) in Hospitals in a Nigerian State

Chinedu A. Idoko, Obiora Onowu, James Akpeh

QISS is implemented quarterly in hospitals in Enugu State by the Enugu State Hospitals Management Board in collaboration with the Saving One Million Lives (SOML) and the State Mini...