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Aims & Scope

The journal's objective is to communicate high-quality research from throughout the world in selected sectors of medical science and technology. The journal's goal is to address multidisciplinary research and scholarship that focuses on real-world research issues. We make an effort to provide current and developing knowledge that makes a significant contribution to both theoretical and practical elements of medical science and technology. Anatomy, Ayurveda, biophysics, immunology, physiology, pathology, cardiology, neurology, nutrition, yoga, dentistry, and many more branches of medical science and technology are included in the journal's acceptance criteria.

A article will be considered for publication if it displays scientific accuracy and makes a significant contribution to any of the listed domains of medical science and technology, as well as meeting accepted criteria of research ethics and scientific rigour. Original research articles, empirical research, theoretically oriented analyses, and new conceptual review pieces may be submitted to the journal by the authors. Please ensure that your work is constructed according to the paper template, meets an acceptable standard, and falls within the journal's prescribed scope for a rapid research article processing. It should be written in clear and succinct English for an international readership, and it should be documented according to the standards outlined in the 'guidelines for authors' and defined in the paper template.