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Multifaceted Approach in Ayurvedic Management of Avascular Necrosis – A Case Report

Dr Manoj Singh Baghel, Dr Nripendra Mishra, Dr Punam Sawarkar

Vol. 14, Jul-Dec 2022


In post covid era avascular necrosis has emerged as a new curse which imposes a physical disability in the society with no much conservative remedy for the same and the most common cause behind this disease is steroidal abuse although many other causative factors such as physical trauma, alcohol abuse, cigarette smoking ,other iatrogenic causes may be there but in post covid era the most common cause is steroidal abuse and in modern counterpart surgical intervention is the sole remedy and if we see upon the diagnosis aspect of this disease in early stages i.e. stage I and stage II it is detected only in MRI and x- ray findings do not reveal any anatomical changes only some sign and symptoms such as radiating pain in medial aspect of thigh is observed which radiates upto the knee joint. Severe pain around hip joints in squatting position or during flexion of hip joints. Thereby to avoid surgeries many of the patients approached to ayurveda for the remedy and with multifaceted approach in Ayurvedic management we can provide much of relief to the AVN effected community.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.37648/ijrmst.v14i01.002

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