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Drugs in Ayurveda for Herbal Sanitizer: A Critical Review

Dr. Kapila Chahande, Dr. Ramesh Shandge, Dr. Chetan Sharma

Vol. 14, Jul-Dec 2022


As the Coronavirus (Covid-19) is spreading rapidly worldwide. The symptoms include respiratory illness, commonly fever, tiredness, dry cough, breathlessness & chest tightedness. There are many ways to prevent the Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic, such as maintaining social distancing, wearing a protective mask, avoiding getting outside the house, avoiding touching any surface, avoiding touching on face, and one of the best measures is to maintain the hand hygiene. Hand hygiene is the best tool in preventing the infection caused by the disease. It is a simple, affordable and very effective method to achieve this use of hand sanitizer is useful and very important measure. In recent weeks, as the death toll has climbed & the panic surrounding /coronavirus has mounted. The need of hand sanitizers has greatly increased. The purpose of this study is to prepare the herbal hand sanitizer incorporating the leaves extracts of Ocimum sanctum (tulsi), Azadirachtaindica (neem), Citrus lemon, Aloevera (kumari), Eucalyptus (tailparni), Ethyl alcohol and water. The properties and chemical composition of each drug and the method of preparation of Herbal Hand sanitizer have been included.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.37648/ijrmst.v14i01.014

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