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Physiological Changes of Thyroid Gland in Pregnancy

Lalit Narayan Yadav, Dr. Biren Singh

Vol. 15, Jan-Jun 2023


Women with hypothyroidism who did not take adequate medicine had a three times increased chance of developing preeclampsia. In the group that received inadequate treatment, preterm births and restrictions on the foetus's growth both increased dramatically. In the cohort I looked at, there was not a single incident of placental unexpectedness. It was discovered that the group who received poor treatment had a significantly higher incidence of oligohydramnios. When hypothyroidism is properly managed during pregnancy, pregnancy-related complications such as premature birth, toxaemia, intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), oligohydramnios, glucose intolerance, preterm labour, low birth weight babies, abruptio placenta, and stillbirth are less likely to occur. Given that this study showed that women with pre-gestational diabetes mellitus frequently have thyroid impairment, it is important to check these women's thyroid function when they are pregnant. Thyroid dysfunction was present in both pregnant women with GDM and healthy pregnant women, but in 27% of them, TPO Ab titers were positive, indicating the need for additional testing for postpartum thyroiditis and dysfunction.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.37648/ijrmst.v15i01.007

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