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Artificial Intelligence's Ethical and Legal Issues in the Healthcare Sector

Chinkal Arunkumar Parmar

Vol. 17, Jan-Jun 2024


AI technology is being rapidly adopted across all major sectors to deliver swift and high-quality services, particularly in healthcare. Despite its advantages, the integration of AI in healthcare brings forth several ethical and legal challenges. This paper addresses these issues within the context of the healthcare system. Primary data were collected using a qualitative method, specifically focus-group discussions (FGD), involving six participants. The findings indicate that the government actively integrates AI into key sectors, including healthcare, supported by specific legal measures to ensure secure and safe AI-driven services. However, there is no specific legislation regulating AI systems. It is strongly recommended that the legal framework be made more comprehensive and that ethics training be prioritized in the healthcare sector.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.37648/ijrmst.v17i01.008

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