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Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 001-012


Dr. Nitu Tegta

Childhood is the period in which many organ systems are still growing and continue to mature. Brain development is completed in this period. Therefore, nutritional needs of childho...

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 013-018


Dr Annapoorna Rao B, Dr Pro Shripathi Acharya

In recent years, the incidence of psychiatric disorder has shown a tremendous increase throughout the world. Depression is a psychiatric disorder, globally 4.3% of world’s popula...

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 019-022


Dr Prof Shripathi Acharya , Miss Rajeshwari S Acharya

Obesity has become a health issue in modern India as well as globe.Overnutrition , mental depression , lack of exercises , sedentary lifestyle and psychological stress play a major...

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 023-026


Dr Prof Shripathi Acharya, Miss Rajeshwari S Acharya

Mootrashthila ( Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia ) is usually seen in middle and old aged people. Males of more than 50 years old are more prone to this disease. According to a nation...

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 027-031


Dr.Parwati Rawat, Dr. Shrinidhi Kumar K.Acharya

Childhood period is the state of structural, physiological and, psychological immaturity of the Dhatus,Doshas. It is also the period of limited tolerance for exercise and the Drug ...

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 032-034


Dr. Prof. Shripathi Acharya

Ayurveda system of medicine is having scientific background and is practiced in modern India. Documentation of treatment of patients seeking Ayurveda treatment in hospitals is ver...

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 035-039

Survival Analysis: Basic Concept and Censoring

Yash Vardhan Singh

In branches of medicine and biotechnology, Often until an event occurs or reoccurs, we are concerned about the time. Say, for example, the time for a hospital to collapse or the ti...

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 040-046

Evaluation of the Role of Eosinophil Cells, IGE Antibodies, Prostaglandin E2, and Leukotriene B4, in the Pruritus of Scabies

Akeel. Shamran Tushy, Dr. Abdul-Rassol Khairallah Saaeed, Dr. Wissam Ali Ameen Awad

The pruritus of scabies are an allergic reaction to the mites. IgE, and eosinophils are essential components of allergic inflammation. In this study showed a high significant cor...

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 047-053

Maternal Antepartal TSH Effect on the Progress of Labour

Shaymaa S. Nayyef, Maha R. Darweesh, Alaa F. Ibraheem

Objective: To evaluate the effect of maternal thyroid stimulating hormone TSH measurement on the need for emergency cesarean section in labour and establish a reference TSH antepar...

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 054-057

Leveraging the Decision Tree Algorithm in the Early Detection of Diabetics and Urgency of Caesarean to Prevent Neonatal Mortality

Unnati Gupta

In the health care sector, where the decision has to be taken accurately as well as instantly, then the use of data mining is playing an important role. Considering more common hea...

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 058-062

Employability of Different Information / Data Mining Techniques in the Early Detection and Diagnosis of Cardio Vascular Diseases

Unnati Gupta

We are living in an advance technology generation where information is being expanded every day. Living in an informative age, we are in a deficiency of physical prosperity. The un...

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 063-069

Critical Review on Panchakarma and its Relevance in Visha Chikitsa in Current Scenario

Vd. Vinod Kumar Tiwari, Dr. Rajesh Kumar Mishra, Vd S S Suryawanshi

Introduction - Agadtantra includes the treatment of disease caused by poisons & toxins such as spoilt food, animals, reptiles, insect bites, poisonous minerals, metals, & unsuitabl...

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 070-081

Review of Effects Different Infections on Male Fertility

Samah Amer Hammood, Shaymaa Hussein Jaber

Infection is process of multi-factorial that is induced via a parasite, virus, or bacterium. It might bring about several diseases; include cancer, infertility and obesity. At the...

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 082-094

Employability of a Business Intelligence Framework in the Early Detection and Diagnosis of Nosocomial Infection

Yatharth Chandna

Nosocomial contamination counteraction is necessary for patients' wellbeing and prosperity. It very well may be effectively performed through the investigation of the data accessib...

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 095-100

Use of Intravenous Oxytocin Infusion Versus Misoprostol for Induction of Delivery in Cases of PROM at Term

Suhad Abbas Jasim, Walaa Abdulameer Mahdi, and Bushra Hashim Hameed

This research is aiming to a comparison of how administration of misoprostol via vaginal route is efficient and safe versus intravenous oxytocin infusion for induction of delivery ...

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 101-109

Developing A Machine Learning Based Model in The Computational and Predictive Analytics of Pyrolo Dataset

Archit Dahiya

Bruton's tyrosine kinase (BTK) is a Tec family. kinase with an all-around characterized function in the B cell receptor (BCR) Pathway. It has become an appealing kinase focus for s...

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 110-114

Leveraging Deep Learning Tools and Techniques in The Early Detection and Diagnosis of Asphyxia in Neonates

Ghanisht Aggarwal

Consistently, a few nations have not seen any decrease in the passing pace of youngsters. Child alludes to an infant inside its initial a month of life. Birth asphyxia is one of th...

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 115-119

Developing A Machine Learning NLP Based System in Enhancing the Early Identification of Depression in Humans

Ghanisht Aggarwal

Online social and news media has transformed into a very standard for customers to grant their bits of knowledge. The target of this paper is to propose an approach through which s...

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 120-124

To Manage Stress with Ayurveda During Covid 19

Dr .Maninder Kour, Dr Harmeet Singh

As corona virus pandemic spread across the world.Due to this virus a panic is created in the people about spreading of diseases and deaths. Tension , fear, worry developed in the m...

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 125-127

Concept of Rasa Dhatu W.S.R. to Modern Aspects

Dr .Maninder Kour

In ayurveda origin of the body is from anna.During Digestion and metabolism the food that is digested changed into anna-rasa which helps in the formation of other dhatus of the bod...

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 128-135

Skin from The Point of View of Chikitsa and Kriya Sharir

Dr. Maninder Kour, Dr Sanjeet Singh Rana

Skin is called “Twak”which covers the whole body. so a detail study of Twakis important,as it is the seat for all TwachaRogas. The conceptual aspect of skin needs to be u...

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 136-140

Leveraging Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) in Developing a Diagnostic Metrics for Detection and Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

Janit Puri

This paper presents an improvement over the utilization of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) for bosom malignant growth identification. It proposes the utilization of regular exampl...

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 141-146

Leveraging Internet of Things (IOT) for an Efficacious Monitoring of the Lung Function for Asthma Patient

Janit Puri

Asthma influences in excess of 334 million individuals on the planet. Asthmatics experience issues in breathing because of aviation route block which was brought about by contamina...

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 147-151

Study of Some Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Epoxy / Carbon / Nano Copper Composite

Ali Nasir Abd Al-Hussein, Asst. Prof . Dr. Hisham Mohammed Ali Hassan

In this study, the preparation of an overlapping material with a polymer basis in the manner of manual molding or manual casting has been prepared the overlapping material from the...

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 152-160

Leveraging Decision Tree Algorithms in The Effective Classification of Data-Sets on Randomized Clinical Trials

Gitesh Budhiraja

Decision Trees are a subfield of AI procedure inside the more significant field of man-made brainpower. It is a regulated learning strategy for order and expectation. The choice tr...

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 161-168

Stress Management: An Ayurvedic Insight (A Review Article)

Dr Arpita C Raj

Stress: a very common term nowadays. In this wired world people are desperate to “Disconnect to Connect” from outer virtual world to inner real one. Stress has been postulated ...

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 169-175

Ensuring an Early Detection and Checking of Counterfeit Drugs and Supply Chain Management in Pharmaceutical Industry by using Block Chain Technology

Muskan Talreja

Recently, the production and distribution of fake medicine is the main issue of the world. The market worth of drug duplicating has arrived at billions of dollars every year. One...

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 176-181

Leveraging Image Segmentation in Developing a Computational Model for Early Detection, Diagnosis and Classification of Brain Tumours

Rishita Tyagi

A tumor in the cerebrum is an uncontrolled and unusual cell expansion in mind and is ordered into four levels. Distinctive computational models are being used to precisely fragment...

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 182-191

Devising an Integrated System to Automate the Process of Mapping Cancer Cells by Leveraging Deep Learning Techniques

Devansh Balhara

RNA Sequencing of single-cell has given us a wide area to concentrate on heterogeneity and articulation profiles of cells. Downstream examination of such information has driven us ...

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 192-200

Developing An Integrated Covid-19 Monitoring System in Efficacious Implementation of Social Distancing

Sourav Malik

Can handle the skirmish of Covid and humanity as long as we keep up with the basic standard of social distancing and wearing masks among ourselves, all things considered through ou...

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 201-204

Employability of Data mining Tools and Techniques for an Effective Detection and Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Disease

Sakshi Loura

Information mining plays a vital part in the Healthcare industry. Information mining has been exceptionally useful in predicting disease, side effects, or any infection's stage/lev...

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 205-209

Developing an Integrated Image Processing Enhanced Mask Detection Model for Effective Monitoring of the Covid-19 Coronavirus Outbreak

Shubham Bhardwaj

We see many people wearing masks every day, and just by looking at them, we can tell what kind of mask they are wearing and whether or not they are wearing it correctly. However, w...

Research Article

Vol. 10, Jul-Dec 2020  Page no: 210-212

Developing a ‘Smart Pill Box’ Based on Internet of Things (IOT) to Ease the Accessibility to the Users and Patients

Gaurav Chhikara

A pill box is a container for organizing your medication doses over a predetermined period. A pill box is helpful if you need to take several different prescriptions. You won't hav...